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Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett

I am what most people would call a Jack of all trades. The truth is I just like to solve problems. There are problems with everything. Your car breaks down, a house needs painting, the sink isn’t draining properly, a website is slow, employees didn’t show up for work, a website is down, the internet is down, and then my cellphone isn’t working. The reality is that disasters strike all the time, and when it comes to your website that sort of loss due to it “not working” is not acceptable.

Isn’t working isn’t acceptable when it comes to SEO either. We track sales, completions, conversions, and leads. My specialty is to make you the most amount of money possible. You know your industry, and I know your Website and Online Presence. With collaboration, your goals online will be reached together with us at Rogue Marketing Pros.


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Katelyn Mitchell

Katelyn Mitchell

Attention to detail is my key focus. Every client deserves a well organized and equipped team. Whether it is a small website development project or a large marketing project, ensuring that every detail is accounted for helps mitigate problems before they ever occur. 

Our marketing packages are a powerful way to keep in touch with your clientele and reach your business goals. Marketing your business can be a stressful task, let us help you! 

When it comes to website development creating an attractive and functional site is essential. Everything can look great but does it function well? Everything can function great but does it look good? We work with our clients step by step to ensure their websites look good and function properly. 

I strive to provide every client with one of a kind service and the best customer experience possible. 


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