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The 6 Best Website Design Ideas for Small Business Owners

Running a business?

You’re not the only one. There are millions of others, and most of them already have an amazing website to cater to the online crowd. This matters even more nowadays due to the pandemic keeping people indoors.

It’s not enough to simply have a site. If you aren’t careful enough with your website design templates, you’ll look generic and undesirable.

Don’t panic, we’ve got this guide to help you make the right design choice. Read on to learn some website design tips for your small business. This ensures your brand stands out among the rest.


1. Make It Free from Clutter and Accessible

A good website is captivating with its simplicity since those with complicated designs overwhelm potential customers. The same goes for websites with an excessive amount of information. Also, if you de-clutter your design, you look more professional in your audience’s eyes.

With this, prioritize giving your website some space. You need not cram everything into a single page since you have enough space for more web pages. If you do this, you’re giving your users a more pleasant time on your website.

In that same vein, you must also put accessibility as a priority. That means putting your website designers to work in ensuring that people with disabilities and impaired reading can access it. The good news is that lots of ways are available to do this, often requiring no more than a few lines of code.

With accessibility options coupled with a clutter-free website, you’re showing everyone you care. Furthermore, it helps your business rank higher on Google. Remember, this search engine titan uses these as ranking factors. So, whenever you have the chance, improve your website with these in mind.

2. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Google made it a point to prioritize showing websites that cater to mobile devices. With this, you’re missing out on a lot of customers if your website isn’t responsive. If you aren’t familiar with this feature, it means that your website will adapt and resize whenever mobile devices access it.

Take note, a mobile-responsive design isn’t enough. You must ensure that your website is user-friendly even when they use a mobile internet connection. It’s because visitors are often impatient when accessing a website with long loading times.

That’s why you must work with a reputable web design company. That way, they will build your website with all these considerations. With this, your website’s mobile version is small enough for faster loading.

3. Make Your Contact Info and Email Newsletter Form Clear

It’s a struggle to market your business online since you must make new potential customers trust you. A fast and easy method of inspiring trust is to make your contact information more visible. Make a contact page showing the following:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Operation hours
  • Company registration details
  • Map to your establishment

The barest minimum you can do is to put this information on your contact page. A better practice is to display it more prominently in your website’s footer.

Since you’re putting your email address out there, know that email marketing is a good way of getting more customers. That’s why you must put a feature on your website that lets visitors subscribe to your email newsletter. Otherwise, you’re missing out on more profit.

It’s because people do initial research to learn more about your business and products before buying. If you use a lead magnet, you can get your potential customer’s email address. This allows you to market to them even after they left your website.

4. Invest in Professional, Consistent Branding

Since you’re a small business, you must focus on making your website look professional while remaining consistent with your brand. Use your brand’s logo to get colors that match it. While you’re at it, get your web designer to make your website look more unique.

Always think about your website’s overarching style to choose complementing fonts, graphics, and design templates. Never cut corners and skip this step because your website’s visibility is at stake. Give the most focus on your homepage since this is the most common page people visit.

Showcase your top products using your homepage. All the while, put some company information and tell your brand story. This helps make your audience feel more familiar with your brand and build loyalty.

5. Pick the Right CMS

The content management system is the software used for running your website. If you pick the right CMS for your industry, your website becomes more flexible. This enables you to add more functionality in the future as your business expands.

While your business is still small, avoid using custom-built CMS. It’s because you’re likely to run into issues with things like modifications, support, and upgrades in the coming years. But keep this in mind as your business grows since you’ll likely need specialized software for your growing needs.

The good news is that you have lots of options for high-quality but low-cost software for your website. For example, Shopify and WooCommerce are great for selling physical products. If you’re selling digital ones, WordPress is a viable option to accomplish this.

6. Get a Memorable Domain

Your domain name serves as your business name on the internet. That’s why you must buy a memorable and unique domain name. Regardless, keep it short but easy to remember.

Do your best and get the .com extension for your website domain. If it’s unavailable and used by a similar business, think of a different name instead. Using an extension like .net isn’t ideal because a lot of people mistrust it.

Take note, some CMS platforms offer free subdomain addresses. Avoid it since it makes your brand look cheaper.

Learn More Website Design Tips Today!

These are some website design tips you must know since it helps your website stand out from the competition. Use this to find the best web design for your small business.

Do you need the help of a reputable website design company? If so, contact us and let’s talk.

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